HT26 PARIS – Face & Body Brightening Booster Serum – A visibly clearer and radiant complexion 50ML


HT26 Face & Body Brightening Booster Serum-A visibly Clearer and radiant complexion


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Lightening Serum

Reinforces the effectiveness of the HT26 body milks


Benefits of Booster Whitening Serum :

The HT26 Booster Whitening Serum has been specially designed to be mixed with HT26 body lotions to increase their effectiveness. It harmonizes and unifies the complexion by removing the brown spots of the body.

Its reinforced depigmenting system brightens your skin and makes it more luminous.

It contains depigmenting agents that act by inhibiting the production of melanin:

the pigmentary spots fade progressively and the skin becomes clearer.


Redensified and hydrated, the skin glows
Hyperpigmentation problems are reduced
A visibly clearer and more radiant complexion

Contains neither hydroquinone nor corticoids.

Councils of use:

This serum has been specially designed by our laboratories to be mixed in your HT26 body milk and increase its lightening properties.

Mix half of the serum in your HT26 500ml body lotion.

Complementary care :

HT26 – Action Taches Body Lotion with carrot oil: fight against spots

HT26 – Lightening oil maximum concentration: nourishes damaged skin

HT26 – Lightening Glycerin maximum concentration: moisturizes dry skin

Feel free to use HT26 – Erlenmeyer Mixer to make it easy to mix your milk with your favorite HT26 serum and oil!

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